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WatchMe Unboxing is proud to partner with SOMA Horology Marketplace. SOMA stands for SOcial MArketplace. They are building an all-in-one user experience for watch enthusiasts to share there watches through posts on the social aspect of the platform as well as make purchases from brands directly on the platform as well.

Recent Reviews


Sharp Bros seven Sins men’s wrist watch reviews

Seven Sins Watch 

Border City Style

Border City Style mens wrist Watch review

The Rum Runner and The Walkerville

S&B Watches Atlantis A2

S&B Watches mens Watch review Kickstarter

Isotope Watches Goutte d'Eau

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ZEW Box S&B Skyline & Wraith

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OOO Out of Order Ghost 2.0

Ooo out of order ghost 2.0 men’s wrist watch reviews


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